Its been a long year in preparation but the new ftprints11 album called The Kissing Tree is out now! It is available as a MP3 download only at this stage, but cds can be obtained on request. It features flexrock maestro and philosopher Richard Rummery's undeniable vast musical and production skills in a variety of approaches to the songs of the popular, synthesising pop, dance, electro, jazz and conventional rock influences into a diverse yet satisfying whole. On this follow-up to 2010's Reflexion album, these and many more musicultural elements are again seamlessly melded to perform the unique and fresh whilst maintaining consistency throughout. Every song is a world unto itself, unfolding itself in your subjective life as you hear and remember it over time. Dynamically, it ranges from the ambiguous positivism of the opening track Better days, the brash posturing of Warm, to the dancepop of Don't you wanna dance? and the majesty of the balladic Someone else's movie, ftprints11 cover the genres without falling into any of them, making it very difficult to classify. This factor of ftprints11 music makes conventional internet-based marketing methods useless, since they are ruled by genre categories which also function as search terms. This creates copycat artists and limits the choices that the music buyer actually gets, and fails to account for the eclectic, diverse and sometimes capricious nature of individual taste.  
Isolated from the mainstream music industry, working from his studio in Armidale NSW, Rummery focusses primarily on the relationship between song and listener, the subjective world of th emotions and desire, love and life, loneliness, pride and joy, while providing his part of a kind of conversation with other popular music and artists. Thus the music is a vehicle for the communication of that which cannot be said (in any other way), of the language of the heart and the stirrings of the soul. The great and unique strength of ftprints11's music comes from it being untainted, uncompromised by big business and marketing, retaining its integrity and free to explore and challenge the listener.