November MediaMusic

Direct Licensing Policy 2013

1. Direct Licensing Policy

 • NovembermediaMusic is an independent music label which distributes music through digital downoads and CDs. It also licenses public performance and/or transmission rights in protected sound recordings directly.

November MediaMusic holds the copyright in relation to ftprints11, Richard Rummery, Dick, Bigga and Tenterhooks.


Direct licences are available upon application for:

- public performance and transmission rights for sound recordings and music videos

- music on hold

- broadcasting (TV and radio)

- online usage including simulcasting of radio broadcasts, webcasting, audiovisual streaming, and podcasting.

- incidental copying

- datacasting

- music on hold

- ephemeral copying

- retransmission

- audiovisual streaming

- physical CD sales

- MP3 downloads

- interactive webcasting

- on demand offerings

- song re-recording and release (cleared cover versions or samples only)

- protected samples

In respect of videos:

- public performance

- broadcasting

These rights are are as stipulated by PPCA regulations and policies.

Exclusive licenses by application only.

Permission to use sound recordings are provided all royalty payments, fees and rights are observed and remitted via APRA/AMCOS or its affiliates, or by PPCA.

The terms and conditions of all direct exclusive and non-exclusive licences are worked out on a case-by-case basis.

- Note: a) the minimum contract for non-exclusive direct licenses is five years unless authorised by November MediaMusic.

b) minimum fees and/or administration fees are payable depending on type of license sought by applicant.

- Direct licences are non-exclusive unless otherwise authorised.

Prospective licensees can obtain a PPCA collective licence, but it is for the licensee to choose which licensing route they want to take.

Licences applies to protected sound recordings and videos. Basic guidance on the question of what is or is not a protected sound recording under Australian copyright law is available on the PPCA website located at

2. Direct Licensing Procedure

Procedure to obtain direct licenses from the copyright holder:

- By written request to November MediaMusic via email or send a written letter stating the type of license sought and intended use.

Turnaround to obtain direct license is approx. two weeks after reciept of application.

A draft licensing agreement will be sent to the applicant after an application is accepted.

To request a form


or - write to

License Manager

November MediaMusic

24/107 Faulkner St

Armidale NSW 2350


- State the type of license sought

- intended usage e.g., direct/exclusive/other

Prospective licensees contact NMM directly

or by written request.

Further relevant material on licensing can be found on the PPCA and APRA websites.

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